What to Ask Your Future Dog Walker

Many people are working one or more jobs these days or putting extra hours in at the office. You get home tired and just wanting to relax… and you’re immediately greeted by a dog who’s jumping up and down with excitement, all of the days energy has been pent up while you’ve been gone, needing to be released through mental and physical exercise.

Your dog wants to run, jump and play, and all you want to do is sit.  Where is the happy medium?

All dogs need some form of mental stimulation. This can include training, puzzle toys, and playing with humans as well as other dogs.  It is also important that your dog gets plenty of physical exercise, like dog walks and runs.

If you’re not in a situation where you can give your dog adequate daily stimulation, the dogs boredom will probably be exhibited in any number of unwanted behaviors – jumping, nipping, digging, chewing up your furniture and house, boredom barking, etc.

If your schedule is stopping you from taking care of some of your dogs basic needs, it’s time to hire a pet sitting service to help give your dog the attention he needs. Dog daycare and dog walkers are two of the best ways to get your dog more stimulation and exercise.

As with any profession, there are very talented pet sitting services and there are not-so-great ones as well. Day-cares that aren’t well run, or an inexperienced dog walker or day care provider can cause just as many behavior problems as not walking your dog at all, so you need to be a bit choosy when you’re trying to decide who you’ll trust to be your dog walker. Finding the perfect dog walker is just as important as choosing a babysitter for your son or daughter – it’s a serious decision.