Picking The Right Food For Your Pet

Pets are wonderful creatures to share our lives with, and they need just as much care as humans. All pets need to be fed properly, but sometimes we’re not so sure of what that should be. There are many people who give their pet’s human food, while others strictly give pet food.

Feeding Your Dogs

So is it smart to give your dog human food?

Most dogs are related to the wolf family, which is a very carnivorous bunch. This means they need to have meat in their diet. But just because they eat meat, does not mean your leftover steak is the correct food for them.

It’s best to find a dog food product where the first ingredient is meat. Make sure it’s real meat and not some processed substitute. Feeding your dog human food is generally a bad idea because it can be too fatty for them and block their arteries. Although most dogs will eat just about anything, dogs really have very sensitive digestive tracks and are susceptible to diarrhea and upset stomachs if you change their food.

It’s best to find a high quality dog food you prefer and that is healthy for them. You also want to keep them on the same food. Changing food can also cause problems. If you feel you need to change food, you should slowly integrate the new food with the old until you have fully replaced the old. This should take at least two weeks or a little more.

Dogs when full grown should be fed twice a day and kept on a consistent schedule.

Feeding Your Cats

Cats are great hunters, and if you let them explore the outdoor world they will often find mice, birds, and other animals to gain protein. Like a dog, your cat needs a consistent diet.

You should find a quality premium cat food that has the proper amounts of protein. Look for foods that the first three ingredients are protein. Cats can also have a very sensitive digestive system. Finding the right food might be difficult and take a few tries.

If your cat has a smelly litter box, you will need to change their food. This is a sure sign they are not receiving a proper diet. When you change their food you will want to integrate it slowly over two weeks.

Cats also need the vitamins from milk, though the processed milk that we drink can be too rich for them, they do sell milk for cats in the pet stores. Another idea is occasionally giving them a small piece of cheese to help with their dietary needs, however you’re better off finding a pet food that takes care of all of their needs.

Cat grass is also available for indoor cats and may be a helpful in getting rid of hairballs. Cats will also eat grass when they have an upset stomach. The grass will allow the cats to relieve their problem and can help them cough up hairballs.

Picking the right food for your pet will generally mean that you’re not feeding them human food, but checking the pet food found in the stores for quality ingredients. You want to keep you pet just as healthy as you would want to keep yourself. With proper nutrition, you will keep your pet happy, healthy and around for many years.